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Laugh A Lope - Raw Resin


Image of Laugh A Lope - Raw Resin

A Laugh A Lope embodies the happiest and most pleasant parts of the natural world. A bright spring morning or a crisp clear fall afternoon. Never seen by humans in the wild, they keep birds chirping and chipmunks well fed, every creature is happy to come across a Laugh a Lope. With one in your collection a grin is just a glance away.

Each Laugh A Lope is hand cast, constructed, and features its cast number carved into the bottom of its foot. Because they are each handmade there are some minor variances between each.

This is unpainted unprimed, raw resin model waiting for your creative juices to go to town, and make something unique!

4.5 x 4.5 x 4 in.

Small batch cast resin toy.